Upright with appropriate fascial tone


Perceiving yourself intensively, letting all your senses play helps to remain supple and to meet people with empathy.

The Rolf Movement Pedagogy offers systematic instructions for recognizing your own movement patterns and exploring alternatives to them. Elements from fascia training, especially the correct use of a fascia roller, are taught. The Gyrotonic homework® brings dynamic, holistic stretching.

With the power of imagination we track down the watery, smooth qualities. The knowledge transfer of a living body structure teaching helps to develop a deeper feeling for oneself. Gentle stretching and strengthening exercises get a sore back, stiff legs, and tight shoulders and jaws back into the flow.


Dissolving tension, perceiving physical and mental overload more quickly, rediscovering everyday movements such as walking, bending, bending, carrying, climbing stairs, sitting, playing sports, singing, breathing, … and meeting the challenges of life with fascial well-being.


Wednesdays, 9 a.m. to 10.30 a.m., continuously throughout the year (except for training periods or holidays – will be announced in good time).


4.1., 11.1., 18.1., 25.1., 1.2., 8.2., 15.2., 22.2., 1.3., 8.3., 15.3., 22.3., 29.3., 12.4., 19.4., 26.4., 3.5., 10.5., 24.5., 31.5., 14.6., 21.6. and 28.6.


Block of 10 € 140.00, consecutive appointments, á € 14.00 entry possible at any time, block price is currently agreed with appointments. Please inquire for the booking.



17.07.2024 - 13.11.2024


9:00 - 10:30


Several dates



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