Associations and Education

Rolfing® Verein Österreich
The Austrian Rolfing Association – a place where Rolfers interact and interested people find some information and a list of Rolfers working in Austria.

European Rolfing® Association
The European Rolfing Association (ERA) is a non profit organization with headquarters in Munich, Germany. The ERA works close together with the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute and is responsible for the formation of new practitioners, the continuing education and support of our present members, and representing the profession to the European community.

Dr. Ida Rolf Institute™
The Vision of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute is to bring the benefits of Rolfing® Structural Integration to the world. This goal is accomplished through providing a quality training program in Rolfing Structural Integration, certifying Rolfers and providing them with continuing education, promoting research and educating the public about the value of Rolfing SI.

Movement and life exploration

Fascial Fitness®
Studio bodybliss®
Susan Harper, Continuum Movement®

Peacemaking Trauma and Movement Work, Perception, Aikido

Paul Linden, USA
Babette Rotschild, USA, Somatic Trauma Therapy


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