Rolfing SI

“A general aim is to find a beneficial and conscious interaction of one’s own movement patterns – a psychological and physical balance.”

10 sessions – one process


During the Rolfing process we meet for several times. Each session takes about 75 minutes.  We will analyse your movement patterns and refine them. We will explore your movement radius during sitting, standing, walking and special movements of your daily life — in relationships, at work or during sports.

We define our aims for the process with that movement analyses.
Now begins the work with the rolfing touch in the three dimensional fascia net, we balance tension in your myofascial net to find a tonus which makes life easier. During the process you learn to sense your body better, you learn more about your posture. You will be active with small movements and perception for yourself and the world around.

The classical Structural Integration happens in the sequence of 10 Rolfing sessions.
If you have chronical movement restriction, it’s better to add some more session for these special body zones or essential issues until a healthy tonus will be found in your body and soul.
The number of sessions is also depending on your personal aim for the Rolfing sessions.

Sessions 75–90 min., whatever your aim is, we will either focus more the myofascial structure or the movement pattern.

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