A connecting (t)issue

The three-dimensional fascial net is more important than western medicine and sports science have ever thought of.

Rolfers know how to work with fascia since Dr. Ida P. Rolf has been exploring it for serveral decades. Finally the facinating fascia is resounded throughout lots of different sciences.  Even the magazine SCIENCE has been interested in fascia after the first Fascia Congress 2007. The article was Cell-Biology-Meets-Rolfing

Already Ida Rolf spoke from fascia as the “organ of the form”, she was convinced fascia have a key roll for a healthy structure and for efficent movements.
Rolfers optimize the interaction of the myofascial net while gravity is considered as a meaningful force for our movement and life.

The fascial net establishes a connection from the crown to the sole. At the same time the fascial net seperates the inner life (systems) of the body. Reams of folding build closed or open bags, all sorts of bands and surfaces which gave muscles, organs, bones, arteries, venes, brain and nerves a place and a hold.
Could we hide with a magic broomstick all body systems except the fascia, we would  find the excactly spacial order of this human being. Fascia give you your Gestalt – your individual shape.
On the picture on the left we recognize immediately that this is an artificial figure. Would we show here your or mine fascial net our beloved would recognize us. 🙂

Nowadays you can easily find micropictures of the fascial net with a search engine. It’s interesting to look at it to develop more understanding for your Gestalt and movements.

More details about fascia and Rolfing are shown on the website of the European Rolfing Association Faszien und Rolfing.
The fasciaresearchsociety– facilitates, encourages and supports the dialogue and collaboration between clinicians, researchers and academicians to further understanding of fascia research.

Fascia training –  if you want to know more, how to train sensibly for your myofascial net and how to work with the fascia rolls in addition to your daily sport, get in contact with me.

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