Make an appointment with me for your club, your team or … if you want to know more about the new possibilities for comfortable posture and movement in a modern world.
You get well-founded tips on how to sit, stand and walk more easily at work, during sports, in the garden or at home — or has your sports teacher already told you to stretch yourself “properly”, but you didn’t know how?
I can help you with this in individual sessions or in the group events listed here.

February 2024

Upright with appropriate fascial toneSeveral dates

Perceiving yourself intensively, letting all your senses play helps to remain supple and to meet people with empathy. The Rolf Movement Pedagogy offers systematic instructions… weiterlesen
28. Feb 2024 - 12. Feb 2025
9:00 - 10:30
March 2024

Upright — with the right tonusSeveral dates

Finding your own plumb line plays a central role in Rolf Movement Pedagogy. A refined sense supports relaxed, effective breathing, comfortable sitting, comfortable standing, dynamic,… weiterlesen
05. Mar 2024 - 21. May 2024
18:10 - 19:40
Volkshochschule Innsbruck im west
No event found!

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