Raveen Kulenthran

“Integrity through Gravity and Tensegrity.The working of our body illuminated through Rolfing.” Kiener Verlag 2018

 Wonderful fairy-tales and simple, touching pictures were used by Raveen to show his understanding of Rolfing.

Mary Bond

“Your Body Mandala. Posture as a Path to Presence. An Emodiment Journey. ” – MCP books, 2018
With web access to Audio and Video guides practices.

My favorite for daily life and deep understanding!!

Mary Bond

“The new rules of posture. How to sit, stand and move in the modern world.” – Versa Press, 2007

Caryn McHose and Kevin Frank

“How life Moves. Explorations in meaning and body awareness. Forword by Huber Godard.” – North Atlantic Books, 2006

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